Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Mission Scrapbooks

I can create these cute little books in the shape of any state. So, if you want one made for your special missionary they are $15.00 each. You will have to add your own pictures!

Mark's Graduation Trip

Mark Graduated in August of 2013. As a gift his parents took us to Washington, D.C. We had a lot of fun...But I realized that I need way better footwear. My feet were covered in blisters and I was super tired from the two days of non-stop walking. 

It was a trip I will never forget. Thanks, MOM and DAD for the memories!

When we arrived in D.C. we got off the Metro to see the Naval Memorial. I love the picture of Mark with the Sailor. Mark thought it was funny to take my picture next to the leg bone....because I am about the same height as it.

 Day 2: Mark, Anna and I took a hiatus and we went to see the International Spy Museum! It was a blast. When you start you look at and memorize a character that you are going to be that day. As you tour the museum you have to collect clues and make it to the end with them. (My memory was not so good! Lol!)

 By the end of day 2 we were so tired of walking...I think we rested a lot that day. All in all it was a fun trip!

Dad's Surprise Party!

I absolutely love SURPRISES! So, my sister Tarah and I decided to surprise my dad for his 51st Birthday and we decorated the house all nice and neat! It was so much fun! 

I think he enjoyed it!

Camping with the Schmid Family!

One of my fondest memories has always been camping. I used to love when my Poppa-T and Grandma Honey would take us out to DELMO Lake in Montana to camp. This was several weeks out of every summer. I loved when we got to go swimming, climbing rocks, finding flowers and mining for crystals. Poppa-T is the best camper I have ever met, he sets up camp and it is AMAZING! No lie!

This summer we got to go on a little camping trip with a family from church! It was so fun. I only wish that it didnt start raining on that last day. We could have had a little more fun in Berlin Lake. 

I hope we go again this summer! We shall see!