Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Military Mini-Album

My dad joined the Marine Corp League about 2 years ago and he has participated in many parades in the area. I decided to make him an album to put his pictures and mementos in.
I added all the pictures that I had and left the rest for him to fill in.
The album is made completely from scratch. The cover is made of cardboard and paper, the pages are attached with a handmade hidden hinge and all the pages are made out of neatly folded paper.
Front Cover

Another Card Challenge

Here's the latest card challenge.  You find a paint swatch on pinterest and then use the colors on a card. We have a blast and as a result we build up our card stash!
Here is the paint swatch.
Starting to find all items from the color swatch.
The finished card.

The finished card inside the nearly finished envelope.

Missionary Scrapbook

A friend at church has a son serving in the Provo Utah Mission and she ordered this awesome album. Remember that if you want one you have to let me know. I can make them any time. I have only made them for elders! But I would love to make one for a sister(s)!

Final Product (Will fit 14 photos)

Here is the work all along the way :-)