Friday, January 30, 2015

Macey's Baptism Book

I love creating mini albums that will be keepsakes for the rest of someones life. A cherished child at my old ward was baptized. Before her baptism everyone received note card to write Macey a little message and then I created an album out of those little messages.

Steampunk Spells Waterfall Album

Now that Christmas is over I am happy I can finally show off this Waterfall Album I made for someone to give as a Christmas Present. I had so much fun making this album. I used G45 Steampunk Spells Paper and an assortment of Tim Holtz embellishments from my stash.

Accordion Butterflies

While I was away with my Besties this past Spring at the Making Memories Expo in Columbus, Ohio I saw these beautiful butterflies at one of the booths. However, the booth was selling them in their kits and not separately. Knowing I didn't want to pay $30.00 for a kit for what I wanted... I scoured the Internet and found them for $5.99 plus shipping, but they only came three per pack.
Here is the butterfly attached to the page kit that I saw at the convention.
Alright, so I decided that I would attempt to use my Gypsy to create these butterflies on my own. It took me several hours, but If I welded together one Large oval and one small oval and then accordion folded them at 1/4" they turned out pretty neat. I did not add the metal antenna and body. I just used some elastic that I had in my stash. Love the idea and so I made several for my stash.