Saturday, August 11, 2012

August Visiting Teaching Project Results!

A greate big thank you to Lawrence & Bonnie Abinosa, Brenda Rodgers, Jean Moore and my wonderful husband Mark! You make my calling worthwhile. Thank you for attending the visiting teaching craft. Your projects were amazing!

Don't Believe me...just look for yourself!

Lawrence and Bonnie and their notepads. Larry was awesome! Thank you for making our day so fun!

Larry's is on the left and Bonnie's is on the right. Mark joked about the manly color! ha ha

Grandma Jean planning her next move.

Aunt Brenda made a really cute one too! she even stamped the inside. She is on her way! Just love her!

We can't forget the food...

Brenda's are on the right and Jean's notepad is on the upper left.

My notepad. I love it... My best one so far!

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