Tuesday, July 24, 2012

August Stick Pin Swap....

This month on they had a stick pin swap that I joined.

It's theme was open interpretation....State Fair and Summer Fun!

I wasn't going to join the swap because I was working on another one and I was afraid I would not get done on time, but a new found friend Merry encouraged me to join.

As I was contemplating about what to make for this stick pin swap it hit me.... What do I love most about summer fun and fairs? ICE CREAM!

I love going for a walk with my husband to the ice cream parlor down the road. We have a blast. So, I went in search of ice cream inspired beads and this is what my stick pins look like :-)

These are the first stick pins created. I just love them. They are supposed to look like ice cream cones with a little cherry one top!
Here are all three stick pins for the swap. All are supposed to resemble ice cream.

The final result.

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