Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Mark's Nickname the Beginning.

During my family's corn roast this year my husband was at his best and hamming it up. 

My little sister Tarah and I were talking about our most hated and most loved nicknames. Mark then pipes into our conversation and says, "When I was young my nickname was VIPERCOBRA!" 

To which we all started laughing hysterically and Tarah said wait are you serious? 

Mark of course said no....but the nickname has stuck and become a joke between Mark and I.

Mark also gave me a new nickname and we use them to write love letters to each other. 

The other day when Mark and I were sitting on the couch...We started laughing and teasing each other about our "nicknames" and Mark then goes to Youtube and puts in ViperCobra theme songs...... 

Well.... Here is the link ....we crack up the whole time he plays it...but it is quite funny. 

I love my life. Never a dull moment with this wonderful man! 

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